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    Anqing Xinxiangrui Environmental Technology Ltd. was established on June 19, 2009 with a registered capital of CNY 27.0389 million. Located in Daguan Economic Development Park of Anqing city, Anqing Xinxiangrui Environmental Technology Ltd. is a shareholding company of Zhongzhi Industry Investment Co., Ltd.


    After seven years of hard struggle, Xinxiangrui has developed to be a leader in environmental protection industry of Anhui Province, and has a certain influence. Our company been rated as the "backbone enterprise of environmental protection industry", "outstanding enterprise of environmental protection industry", "top-ten environmental innovation enterprise", "top-ten environmental resource recycling enterprise" for many years. Now, we are the member unit of Environmental Protection Industry Association in Anhui Province.


    Our company got the certifications of ISO9001 quality system and ISO14001 environmental management system in August 2016, which mean that our company has taken a more solid step to the standardization of management.


    As a leading company in this industry of Anhui Province, our company now owns the business license of hazardous waste for the collection, storage and use of 9,820 t/a of waste organic solvents (HW40, HW06). At the same time, our company also obtain the hazardous waste business license for the collection and storage of 7000 t/a of solid waste (Within Anqing City), that adds more vitalities for the development of our company.


    Adhering to the business philosophy of "being honest and law-abiding, excellent service, high-quality goods to customers; emission and noise reduction, energy-saving and consumption reduction, green to society", and insisting on the tenet of "science and technology-led, hard work for better skills, keep innovation", we strive to be a first-class technical enterprise of Anhui province or even within Eastern China for the protection and governance of environment.

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