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    • About us

    Anqing Xinxiangrui Environmental Technology Ltd. was established on June 19, 2009 with a registered capital of CNY 27.0389 million. Located in Daguan Economic Development Park of Anqing city, Anqing Xinxiangrui Environmental Sci-tech Co., Ltd. is a shareholding company of Zhongzhi Industry Investment Co., Ltd.

    After seven years of hard struggle, Xinxiangrui has developed to be a leader in environmental protection industry of Anhui Province, and has a certain influence. Our company been rated as the "backbone enterprise of environmental protection industry", "outstanding enterprise of environmental protection industry", "top-ten environmental innovation enterprise", "top-ten environmental resource recycling enterprise" for many years. Now, we are the member unit of Environmental Protection Industry Association in Anhui Province...


    Marketing Department:
    MR Li  +86-13965800568  li.xf@xinxiangrui.com.cn
    MR Xu     +86-18055665191  xu.fj@xinxiangrui.com.cn
    MR Gao  +86-18955630707  gao.h@xinxiangrui.com.cn
    MR Wang+86-18055668665wang.w@xinxiangrui.com.cn
    Add:No. 99 Huancheng road (west), Anqing, Anhui

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